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Testimonials from chefs
... Andrew at Nora Gray

« I was skeptical and a little annoyed when a sales rep showed up, unannounced, ten minutes before service. Now, a year later, I'm so glad they did. The team at Tulsi Farms produce greens of unparalleled taste and quality, and the people are as easy to work with as the products. I cannot recommend them highly enough. »

... Andrew at Kabinet

« Quality, impeccable. Flavor, unmistakable. An absolute game changer for any plate. The kale is crisp and clean. The Wasabi Mustard punches you in the a good way. And the lemon gem is absolutely insane, so brilliant in appearance and flavor. »

... Chris at Elena

« The quality is unlike anything we’ve used before. Peppery arugula, delicate mixed mesclun, and the freshest baby kale outside of farm season! »

... Juan at Alma

« As a chef, for nearly 18 years, I've never encountered a company as dedicated to its products as TULSI. TULSI can be summed up in two words: love and care. They offer the best microgreens, lettuce, and salads I've ever tasted, all locally grown! »

... Vincent at Knuckles

« We love the different greens at Tulsi Farms! Fresh, full of flavour and a great variety of products! »

... Jesse at Pumpui

« The quintisential flavours and aromas of thai cooking grown here in Montreal. A really lovely, local product. »

... Jess at Vin Mon Lapin

« Tulsi's herbs bring us a touch of freshness every week! Tasty greens! And the service is impeccable. »

... Charles at Casavant

« Tulsi's greens are always super fresh and high quality, the best purslane in town! »

... Gab at Moccione

« It tastes like summer all year long! »

... Émile at Butterblume

« Very good products, full of taste and freshness! Great variety of herbs and leaves. Excellent service and advice too! »

... Marc at Cafe Denise

« We get that bite of freshness from Tulsi farms that completes each dish. »

... Joshua at Les Cavistes

« We really love the quality and the character of Tulsi's greens. »