If you want to reserve, call us: (438) 408-5704 | We are currently experiencing high demand, please call us to pre-order.
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Recurring Order
> $50
10$ Delivery
10$ Delivery
> $100
Free Delivery
> $150
Free Delivery
10% off
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Contact us
Minimum order: 50$
Delivery days: Tuesday and Thursday
What is an recurring order?
It's an order that is renewed every week. It allows you to reserve your order in priority every week. On our side, it allows us to plan our production make sure we grow what you need.
How do I subscribe to a recurring order?
Please call us at (438) 408-5704. We will be able to create your recurring order.
Can I cancel my recurring order?
Yes, at anytime.
Can I change my order when subscribed to a recurring order?
Yes you can change your order. However, we reserved products that were in your initial recurring order. We cannot garantee that the products you added will be available. You can always change your recurring order for the upcoming weeks.
Can I get an emergency order outside of Tuesday and Thursday?
Yes, you can either pick it up at our production facility or get it delivered for 20$.