We aim to design and build cost-efficient urban crop farms in order to grow fruits and vegetables better and cheaper. Farms usually take years to reimburse initial investments - we do it in months. We optimize growth conditions and requirements for plants, we design and build components with low investment needs and we minimize staff per farm with automation. We want to make cities self-sufficient.

Tulsi is for restaurants and businesses who want a reliable source of premium vegetables. We work closely with chefs and business owners to deliver the taste, color and texture of their leafy greens.

No we don't.

Tulsi was officially launched on March 1st 2022. The first vegetables were sold to food banks, friends and family members.

Tulsi was founded by Justin Dragan and Mehdi Ibn Brahim. They met at McGill University during their education. Justin studied Mechanical Engineering and Mehdi studied Mathematics and Computer Science.

We want to improve the way fresh fruits and vegetables are produced and consumed in large cities.
We can do so much better.